The reason for the failure of your device can be quite a wide range of probable problems, ranging from accidentally shedding water and ending up with viruses picked up on the Internet. The laptop, like any other digital device, has the ability to develop its physical resource, as well as be outdated morally. Laptop repairs does not depend on the brand - it can be Sony, Asus, or Acer - repairing has made on an individual approach. We approach responsibly both small work and repair of exceptional complexity. Replacing the keyboard, power socket, or matrix is ​​done at least as thoroughly as, for example, restoring the motherboard.


Priority Serviss company provides the highest quality and any complexity service for notebooks. We use professional equipment for diagnostics and repair. Repair prices are not tied to the brand of the manufacturer, the rarity and cost of the device, the main criteria are the complexity of work, the amount of time spent and the price of replaceable parts. Our company is one of the few who provides the customer with free diagnostics of the device, even if the customer refused to do further repairs. We provide guarantee for the work we've done.

You can get acquainted with the terms of repair and warranty in the section important to know.