Unfortunately, monitors which are built on liquid crystal technology are not perfect. And, like any electronics, they tend to fail in the process of work. Purchasing a new monitor, despite their availability and prevalence in our days, is still not cheap. And it's not so easy to abandon the monitor, to which I'm used, and I like to work with it. That is why in this situation, clients have only one way out - repair the monitor.

 Typical Monitor Malfunctions

  • Power supply board error. In old type monitors power supply is located at separate board, and in modern monitors the power supply unit is brought out of main panel, what simplifies repairs or replacement. Repair power supply in most cases is cost-effective and has not a high cost of repairs.
  • Failure of the voltage inverter. The inverter is responsible for supplying high voltage to the backlight. When you've got a failure in it, screen will be dark or when illuminated under the table lamp - faded. The inverter is installed in old type of monitors and they called LCD monitors. The LED monitor does not have an inverter, as LED diodes are installed in the backlight to make a light for whole monitor matrix. The LED monitor has a separate scheme for controlling the brightness and glow of the diodes, in most of cases for controlling the brightness, a stray pulse modulation is used. Repair of the inverter or LED regulator in most cases is cost-effective and does not have a high repair cost.
  • The failure of the backlight lamps. The display becomes dull or completely dark, and may also have a pink tinge. Lamps can "die" because of mechanical damage and also just burn out because of their work at high brightness. When repairing this fault, it is recommended that all installed lamps in the monitor be swept up. Replacing the backlight requires dismantling the matrix, a couple of these repairs are not cost-effective. The cost of repair depends on the screen size, if diagonal of monitor is bigger, then backlights as spare parts would be much more expensive.
  • The control board fails. At the same time, the image can be geometrically distorted, a message about incorrect resolution, frequency, or any else parameters can appear. Image can move, or the ponutor may not turn on at all. Repair of the control board in most cases is cost-effective, usually we replacing mainboard as itself.
  • Mechanical damage to the matrix. When the matrix is ​​physically damaged, when you see cracks, the repair of the matrix is ​​not cost-effective because it requires a complete replacement with a new one, which is not profitable in 99% of cases. When water leaked inside the device, stains and white spots appear on the screen. This repair is possible, but it is necessary to disassemble the matrix and dry the filters located behind liquid crystal panel. The cost of repair depends on the size of the monitor.  


Priority Serviss provides professional repairs for any electronic devices. We use professional equipment for diagnostics and repairs. Repair prices are not tied to the manufacturer's brand, rarity and cost of the device, the main criteria are the complexity of the work, the amount of time spent and the price of the parts being replaced. Our company is one of not many that provides free diagnostics of the device, even if the client refused to make further repairs.

You can get acquainted with the terms of repair and warranty in the section important to know.